December 19, 2008

Were going to Japan baby!

We are very proud to announce that our products will soon be available in Japan.
The distribution will be taken care by our friend Hiroshi at Mom & Pop's, Inc.

Mom & Pop's are also Japan distributor for high end brands like Straitline, Fox & Turner.
You can check out there blog
If you cant read Japanese, i suggest you get some good sushi and use the wonderful Google Translator.

For more info, you can get in touch with Hiroshi at :

4-9-1 Hanaike
Aichi, Japan
815-864-36810 - phone
815-864-36811 - fax



December 11, 2008

Clinton McMahon Untitled video

o8 Highlight video from our friend Clinton

Untitled from Clinton McMahon on Vimeo.



December 04, 2008

Want a dob frame for Christmas ?

In associtation with our friend at Ride Monkey, we are happy to annonce that we will be giving away a Dobermann frame for Christmas.

To enter the contest all you need to do is - Log on to Ride Monkey - post a pic of you riding AND tell Santa what you are hoping to get for Christmas (or Festivus or whatever).

The winner of the giveaway will receive your choice of a 09 Dobermann Pinscher(525$CAD value) or Molosse(600$CAD Value) frame in custom color with custom serial #.

Good luck to everyone!



December 02, 2008

Rocco Quintiliani piss house

Quick video of Rocco made by award winner movie producer Clinton McMahon throwing down some sick stuff with a funny little story, check it out.

rocco quintiliani piss house from Clinton McMahon on Vimeo.

December 01, 2008

2500 km in a weekend

Heres a little story that Vincent Allard sent me. Its about a trip he went on few weeks ago, pretty interesting.

"I got an invitation from Andrew Bigelow and Kent Woods a couple weeks ago to film them at Rays MTB park in Cleveland, Ohio. I was lucky enough to go, half of my luck coming from Alain @ dobermann for helping me get the bus tickets to go to Toronto where Andrew’s mom, Karen, would pick me up. From then, we rolled to their house in Ingersoll, slept, and the next morning we were on our way with Andrew and Mark Gee to pick up Kent Woods and his buddy Ryan Grigg. Then we drove all the way to Cleveland. The drive was pretty fun and funny even if we got a speeding ticket. Heres what my trip looked like

In Cleveland, we went straight to our hotel room to unpack our stuff and chill a bit. Later on the same day we went to ride the park. Kent and I got some pretty cool travelling shots in the subaru park of a 720 tailtap on the pyramid then bars to 360 on the way back. We've got some other stuff too but you’ll have to wait till the movie (everywhere) comes out to see all the footage. Andrew did a super sick tailwhip on a quater pipe in another section. He also wanted to tuck no hander the channel gap in the subaru park, but only managed to straight air it. I knew it would be business for Saturday, knowing him. Mark Gee also did his first flip to resi wich was clean! After the session, we went back to the hotel to check out the footage of the night and chill before going to sleep.

We woke up the next morning, went to Dennys for breakfast and then to the park. There was at least a hundred people in the park, It was packed! I did a bit of editing on the movie while the boys were warming up. Kent and I went straigt to business in the subaru park again. He fired up a manual 180 out on the pyramid first try as clean as it could be. He also did it another time with a barspin in the bank right after. I also got a good shot of it. We filmed a couple other tricks in that part of the park. Then, Andrew told me he’d flip and tuck the redbull box jump wich he did as smooth as butter. Kent got rowdy on the resi and got his first tuck no hander. We filmed a couple more clips and by the time the session was over, Andrew tucked the channel gap transfer 3 times giving me 3 good angles of the transfer. Kent also 3’d the spine and did a really good run out of it. We went back to our room and got a bit rowdy knowing that the weekend was almost over.

Sunday, we went to the ghetto part of Cleveland to get scenic shots for the intro and they drove me up to Toronto where i’d get on the bus toward Montreal. Thanks to Alain@Dobermann, Karen & Andrew Bigelow, Kent, Mark, Ryan, and Bobby@Rays for that trip."


November 26, 2008

Take advantage of your USD and buy Canadian!!!

Wow… I have just checked the exchange rate today and OMG!
The Canadian $ is going down... And the USD$ is going up!
Which means that if you have some USD its time to buy in Canada and save some $.

At today's exchange rate, our frames will cost you :

- Pinscher stock color MSRP of 525$CAD = +/- 430$USD
- Molosse 24 or 26 ’’ stock color MSRP of 600$CAD = +/- 485$USD
- Tchoker Fork 10mm custom color 250$CAD = +/- 202$USD

This includes Free custom serial # and Free UPS shipping to the US.
We offer some discount shipping prices for countries were we don't have any distributors.

Stock colors are Flat BLK, White, Trans-Blue and Purple, Discount available for custom colors.

Custom serial # means that we can stamp your name or favorite quote on the dropout.

If you want to place a order email me at



November 19, 2008

Go Antoine Go!!

Just found a nice video of our friend Antoine made by professional MTB Video/photog and friend Warwick Patterson. It's cool to see people working in the bike business doing rally or getting involved in the rally scene. Last year we even met Dave Mirra taking the start of his first rally at the Tall Pines.

We will be cheering for Antoine and our otter rally driver friends at the Tall Pines rally this weekend...Hopefully i will be able to join them and kick there asses(dream on) with the Dobermann Rally car sometimes next year.



November 11, 2008

Flip Heelclicker

Another Supertrick By Clinton Mcmahon!!

La baree de peanut ? La bar de danseuses ?

Sneak peak of some prototype bars... made with True-Temper 22.2 tubes, 1.6mm thick walls, bent in MTL, PQ. these babies are hot!
We got "funky" with the sharpie , don't worry the production version will have a proper deco.
More details.when i can.
No, they wont be available soon...

Ryan, your bars are ready, you can come pick them up whenever you can! (Xavier, Kent & Mich we will send them to you once we are done with our sharpie creations...)



November 07, 2008

Everywhere-Teaser 2

Looking good! Cant wait to see the full version...maybe at the dob Christmass party ?

everywhere-teaser 2 from Vincent Allard on Vimeo.

October 30, 2008

Dobermann in Russia

We are very happy to announce that our frames and parts will soon be available in Russia true our friends at TeaMMano !!!!

We have always receive many emails and request from riders in Russia, a country were the scene seam to be booming. Now with the help of TeaMMano a distributor that get involve in our scene and offer some of the best product available, the riders from Russia will have access to our brand at a reasonable price and enjoy the usual good and friendly service from TeaMMano.

The first shipment of Pinscher, Molosse and fork should get in Russia before the Christmas holidays.

For more info in Russian visit



October 21, 2008

Decline's collector's edition

To our biggest surprise, (actually, I wasn't surprised, Clint is just that good. -Gabo) one of our riders finally made it in Decline Magazine!

Way to go Clinton McMullet!!!
You rock!!

This month's collector's edition of Decline is full of cool posters and very good articles!

Our heart go to the Claymor Challenge article where Clinton seriously made a killing and got allot of very nice photo coverage from Nick Brandreth and great comments from Tyler McCaul.

It's awesome to see great riders get the coverage they deserve!



October 17, 2008

Dobermann Bikes returns to Australia

We are proud to announce that Dobermann Bikes is returning to Australia through Barspin Imports. Their first shipment should be arriving before Christmas, containing our famous Pinscher and our completely re-engineered Molosse. They should also have the new Le Pink Slopestyle frame early in the new year.

Pricing will be available shortly and if you would like to register your interest, please don't hesitate to email Barspin Imports on

More info on :



October 16, 2008


The geometry used on the frame is THE most important part of a bike.
Choosing a frame with a good geo will make your bike feel lighter and will make your riding skills evolve much faster.

On a MTBMX frame the trick is not just short short chain-stays, the position of the BB is what will make the biggest difference wen you hop and spin your bike.

This is our magic numbers, based on a 4" fork.
You will notice that they are very similar on all our frames, even on the Pink full-suspension frame.



October 15, 2008

Freecaster Vince

Its cool to see some media getting involved with the smaller budget riders and video dudes like Vince. Its shows that when the talent is there, you don't need to have big sponsors behind your back to be able to do great things.

Speaking of sponsors... It would mean the world to Vince and the boyz if you could check the trailer on and give it a 5 star vote. It will also help them to get some support to keep making videos that will "wow you & zow you".

October 11, 2008

2 flips, 1 cup

Cape Cod is sweet. Good times!

October 03, 2008

Vince Allard is a god...

Here's a link to the trailer for his upcoming movie.

everywhere-the movie trailer from Vincent Allard on Vimeo.

Not Alain

September 19, 2008

Marshall's 09 Molosse 24"

Our friend Marshall Just send us a pic of his Arctic White 09 Molosse 24".

Just take note that those frames are not available to public "yet" but our dealers are taking orders.



September 18, 2008

Kent Woods Summer Edit

Hey Alain, just droppin a quick e-mail. I just finished up a little edit i did with a bunch of clips in st.thomas and london. Enjoy!


Kent Woods Summer Edit from Kent Woods on Vimeo.

September 15, 2008

2009 Meet LePink

LePink is a short travel full suspension frame designed to throw some big stuff on the Slopestyle course, dirt jump track, favorite freeride spot or anywhere you wish. The Pinscher-inspired geo make it feel like a Pinscher ...but... PLUSH!! ideal to go big! Using a coaxial pivot system inspired from a spanish BB allows us to save some weigth and increase rigidity. Hardtail riders that need the extra travel will feel right at home on this puppy.

Some pictures of the actual production model with laser cut shock mounts and dropouts (It was not ready on time to make it in the Catalog).

2009 Molosse ("Mol-auss")

Lots of changes on the 2009 Molosse("Mol-auss")
Lighter weight, lower retail price(600$CAD), 24 or 26" specific and many options that used to be available on custom orders only.

The MOLOSSE is designed to attack the street and rip the park MTBMX style. It combines the same geo as our Pinscher, but is now available in 24 or 26” wheel specific configuration. The 2009 Molosse’s are also getting a “package” of BMX inspired options that used to be available on custom frames only. The 14mmx110 BMX rear end, Spanish BB, Vbrake mounts and Gyro tabs, were very popular upgrades, we decided to make them available to you as one of our production frame.These combined options are the ultimate setup to achieve a light and durable MTBMX bike.

2009 Pinscher

The Pinscher has been our flagship frame since our debut in 2005.

The 2009 edition has very few changes as we could not be happier with the way this frame performs. You will notice a seat tube that is a little bit shorter and the addition of 4 Bitchin' stock colors(MSRP 525$CAD) : Flat BLK, Arctic White, Tans-Blue and "Barney"Purple.
All 4 colors were available as custom colors in the past years, for 2009 we decided to make them available as stock color on all of our frames and forks. If those colors are not what you want...don't worry we still have 100's of custom colors available(MSRP 625$CAD).



The Tchokr forks are out!!

After years of testing and fine tuning The Tchokr forks are now available to the public!
You can get them through your regular Dobermann Dealer or through your favorite bike shop.
The Dobermann Tchokr fork was designed to give a stronger option to the rigid fork enthusiast. Stronger and stiffer, lighter and cheaper than a suspension fork, makes this baby the weapon of choice. Larger diameter fork blades and internal vertical gusset truly bring the fork to our standards without adding weight. At 3.1lbs, it’s the best compromise between durability and weight. It sure can outlast any rigid forks out there.

Some spec's :

- Oversized 35mm fork blades to increase stiffness (same diameter as the top and down tubes on our Pinscher frame)
- Vertical gusset inside the steer tube to maximise the stiffness without adding much weight
- Beefy, one piece CNC machined steerer tube with stress-relieving extra long headset bearing seat.
- Built in house in Canada using True Temper 4130 American-made chromoly tubing
- Laser cut 6,35mm( 1/4”) thick dropouts
- Available with10mm or 20mm dropouts.
- 24 & 26 inch wheel compatible.
- 2 sizes: short 430mm or long 450mm )
- Available with or without brake mounts (V-brake or disc).
- Weight: 3.1lbs. (430mm/brakeless)

Also available for 29er!!!!!

While testing the prototype, we received many requests for a real stiff 29er fork. 29er forks are longer which make them flex. The 35mm fork blades and beefy steerer tubes offer a seriously stiffer 29er fork for hardcore 29er bike riders

The 29er Tchokr fork will be available in stock and custom length to suit your 29er geometry, in 10mm or 20mm axle, with our without the internal steerer tube gusset.



September 09, 2008

Festival de L'Outaouais Emergent

We have been invited to show our artistic skills at the :
Taking place next weekend, the festival is a new event in our home town that want to promote and give exposer to local artist in a urban and festiv way.

The Dobermann crew will be welding frames in the street of the Promenade du Portage just a few block from some of the best street riding spot the Ottawa region as to offer. We will also have the 2009 frames to show.The festival will mostly be a big party in the street surrounded by cool bars, artist of many different fields and cool band from hip-hop to in your face Rock bands like the Dales Hawerchuk!!

If your going to Camp Fortune DH race this weekend.... and want to party friday and saturday nigh... Down town Hull for the "Festival de L'Outaouais Emergent" is the place to be!

See you there!



September 06, 2008

Dobermann in Montréal

Dobermann will be in Montreal in the following days for a bike industry gathering, Expocycle 2009. We won't have a booth, but will be around on Sunday and Monday.
On Sunday night, we all invite you to come to the Foufounes Électriques ( 87 STE-CATHERINE EST) where you would get a chance to see our new models for 2009. For those who don't know Montreal, Fouf is a mythic punk-rock bar, where you can get cheap beer and good music.

September 04, 2008

Clint Prototype pix

Here's some shot that i took of Clinton's "Pink" prototype (Its actualy barney Purple) before he went to the Bearclaw.
This puppy is very close to the production version, the only major changes to come is the laser cut shock mounts and dropouts.
3,5" of travel on a 2x1 ratio Cane Creek Cloud Nine

Picture found on

Final proto with laser cut parts will be at the BTAC show this weekend. Along with our 2009 Molosse's frames.



September 01, 2008

Sad news...

Our frend Jerrett Bellamy got is dob stolen out of is garage in Port Elgin Ontario, the night of sat aug 30. Its a very unique dob and easily identifiableIts a transparent red/orange, white argyles with electrical tape checkers, atomlab wheels, macneil seat/ post, diety bar, thompson stem, odyssey gyro, avid bb7 front disc
frame serial #PSR 413
drop out has "GET RAD" engraved

There is maybe 5 Pinscher in that color...and only one with "GET RAD" stamped on the dropouts.

Also...its the only Pinscher with Vbrake mounts UNDER the seat-stays.

Any info: or 519 998 8725

Good luck Jerrett, if you cant find it...we will help you out.


August 28, 2008

Stella goes DH racing !!

Stella is Gabriel's baby, it's also the next project on the list once the Pink slope-style frames are in production.Gabriel has been testing and tweaking it for the last year or so.

Two weeks ago, we received the visit of mister Freddy Mignault, who spent the week with us, to tryout for a welder position at Dobermann. Not only is Fred a very talented welder, but he is also a rather quick DH racer.

While he was working on his DH bike to get ready for a race at our local mountain, we thought it was a nice opportunity to try Stella on a DH race and get some input from a well experienced DH racer.

During the practiced run, Freddy crashed and needed some stitches on his palm. He took the start and enjoyed the race, but this hand injury did not allow him to push hard the way he used to.

Feedback from Fred on the bike are that, beside some minor geo adjustments, the suspension works so much better then his current bike. We were very happy to hear that cause Fred's bike is one top notch DH machine.

We will keep you posted on the new Stella prototype, but don't expect to see a Stella DH/ free-ride frame in production in 2009.
But... we are happy to announce that if you stop by the shop in a month or two, you will meet Fred as he quit his job and he is now planning his move to come work at the Dobermann factory!

Frederic, we are VERY happy to have you on the team!!


Alain & Gabo


Facebook is a very interesting thing. Honestly at first I was not a big fan.
I'm still not a fan, but I have to admit that there is some very cool things about it, like finding old friends and keeping in touch with even more friends.

Its also a cool way to create groups and reach people with the same interest as you.
To our biggest surprised when we started to look trough Facebook, we have found many Dobermann bikes groups, which is super cool!

We have decided to make an official fan page here :
Dobermann Bikes face book fan page

That facebook page is a little bit like the blog, sometimes you will find more lifestyle pictures or prototype pictures on the facebook page.



August 24, 2008

Bearclaw Invitational Results

Just found a nice picture of Clinton on is Dobermann "Pink" Slope-style proto at the Bearclaw Invitational in the Pink Bike news!

The results that i have so far from the comp :

1. Jamie Goldman- USA
2. Darren Berrecloth- CAN
3. Graham Agassiz- CAN
4. Cameron Zink- USA
5. Brandon Semenuk- CAN

From what i herd and looking at that pic Clint did great!

I will post more news once i get in touch with im.


August 06, 2008

NYC Trashbiknyc trashbike coast jam video

Vince video from our trip to nyc trashbike coast jam is done.


nyc trashbike coast jam from Vincent Allard on Vimeo.

August 05, 2008


Some pix of David dobermann on the beach in San-Francisco....what a lucky bike...
Cant wait for or next trip to Sea-Otter

Nice pix...but ?Is this the usual smug ???

August 04, 2008

Tout le monde aime Éric Salvail!!!

Tom from Baie-Comeau sent us a new clip...Look's like dialed some new tricks... sweet!

Ride veulooo from tommy lajoie on Vimeo.

July 31, 2008

Clint FlipWhip

Here are some pics I have received from Michael Carpentier Photography . After The Claymore Challenge, Clint went on and on in his attemp to land the FlipWhip. He only stopped when it got darker outside.

July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, yo!

Happy 25th birthday to a great employee, a great friend and a talented bike designer-welder.

Wish you all the best!!!!

July 28, 2008

Clinton McMahon scores big at Claymore Challenge

Underdog Dobermann Bikes rider qualifies 1st and owns himself a spot at the Bearclaw invitational.This past weekend, the first annual Claymore Challenge Slopestyle event took place at Highland Mountain Bikes Park in New-Hampshire. Rocco Quintilliani and Clinton McMahon, from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, were there to represent Dobermann Bikes.

Rocco shredded the park with his fully rigid hardtail Pinscher, while Clinton was on the ‘’Le Pink’ prototype, Dobermann Bikes’s latest slopestyle creation.
Clint took delivery of his very exclusive frame on the morning of the competition and immediately began riding with his trademark aggressive style. This confidence followed him throughout the day as every jump was hit with growing intensity and aplomb.
Rocco showed off his talent and intense determination in a field dominated with long legged suspension bikes and full face helmets. His rigid ride never slowed him down while he wowed the crowd with 360-tailwhips and gnarly bar-humps.

The ninety minute-long qualification round was epic in proportion, with every rider trying to impose his style. But it was Clinton that got everyone talking after earning the top spot going into the final.Once the sun fell behind the last kicker, the finals got under way. Clinton, having qualified in first placed, was last in the order of riders in the best-of two-runs finals.
Riders upped the ante since the stakes were high and mountain bike superstar Kyle Ebbet did a fantastic job on the mic describing this battle, as the crowd of hundreds were all on their toes.
Clint did more than impress the judges with a corked, hipped backflip of Herculean proportions and the highest, most chest-splitting suicide-no-hander ever seen at Highland Mountain.

Once the dust settled and the wounds stopped bleeding, riders assembled near the chalet at the bottom of the course, awaiting to see who would be knighted champion of the Claymore Challenge. Clinton was rewarded for his guts and skills with a fifth place finish and an all-expense paid trip to the Bearclaw Invitational on Victoria Island, B.-C. being the highest-ranking non-invited rider.

Dobermann Bikes would like to thank everyone at Highland Mountain and Mark Hayes for creating such an amazing mountain bike paradise, all the riders for making this event one of the most entertaining in recent memory. As well as Rocco and Clinton for defending Dobermann’s colours with class and pride.

Dobermann Fab.

You can now see Clinton's run on amazing!!