June 26, 2008

Street pix from Vince


Some very nice pix of Vince riding street, cant wait to see is next videos.

Now kids... Vince doesnt wear a helmet on these photos, not because he is good, not because he is a pro, or because he is cool or because he is invincible, he doesnt wear a helmet simply because he is stupid! (we love him anyway...)

Please, wear a helmet when you ride your bike, drive your car and walk across the street.



June 23, 2008

Hey Alain,

Hey Alain,
Heres some riding pics of the new frame in action. Loving it man. Feels wicked. enjoy:


June 12, 2008

Video from Dylan

Rider from Peterborough Ontario Dylan McAuliffe send us this video that he edited himself and also feature him riding in it.

Cool riding and nice editing!



June 11, 2008

Clear-out frames

We often have some frames in clear out. Those frames are new but have small defects that prevent us from selling them to our dealers.

These are the frames we have right now. If you check with us later, we might have some different ones.

The green one, size small (21.5), has an orange peel paint.

The blue frame is a large (22.5) and has 3 small scratches that occur during shipping.

Both frames are $480, shipping included for US and Canada residents.

Ask Alain @ 819-682-5948 or dobmaster@dobermannbikes.com for more information.


June 04, 2008


Clint and Rocco are just off shooting for Don Hampton new video Latitudes.
They should have some shot of there big t-whip, flip whip and from a sick train with smutok & mccaul.

The preview is GREAT!!! Cant wait to see the full movie!