October 30, 2008

Dobermann in Russia

We are very happy to announce that our frames and parts will soon be available in Russia true our friends at TeaMMano !!!!

We have always receive many emails and request from riders in Russia, a country were the scene seam to be booming. Now with the help of TeaMMano a distributor that get involve in our scene and offer some of the best product available, the riders from Russia will have access to our brand at a reasonable price and enjoy the usual good and friendly service from TeaMMano.

The first shipment of Pinscher, Molosse and fork should get in Russia before the Christmas holidays.

For more info in Russian visit www.teammano.ru



October 21, 2008

Decline's collector's edition

To our biggest surprise, (actually, I wasn't surprised, Clint is just that good. -Gabo) one of our riders finally made it in Decline Magazine!

Way to go Clinton McMullet!!!
You rock!!

This month's collector's edition of Decline is full of cool posters and very good articles!

Our heart go to the Claymor Challenge article where Clinton seriously made a killing and got allot of very nice photo coverage from Nick Brandreth and great comments from Tyler McCaul.

It's awesome to see great riders get the coverage they deserve!



October 17, 2008

Dobermann Bikes returns to Australia

We are proud to announce that Dobermann Bikes is returning to Australia through Barspin Imports. Their first shipment should be arriving before Christmas, containing our famous Pinscher and our completely re-engineered Molosse. They should also have the new Le Pink Slopestyle frame early in the new year.

Pricing will be available shortly and if you would like to register your interest, please don't hesitate to email Barspin Imports on info@barspin-imports.com.au

More info on : http://barspin-imports.com.au/



October 16, 2008


The geometry used on the frame is THE most important part of a bike.
Choosing a frame with a good geo will make your bike feel lighter and will make your riding skills evolve much faster.

On a MTBMX frame the trick is not just short short chain-stays, the position of the BB is what will make the biggest difference wen you hop and spin your bike.

This is our magic numbers, based on a 4" fork.
You will notice that they are very similar on all our frames, even on the Pink full-suspension frame.



October 15, 2008

Freecaster Vince

Its cool to see some media getting involved with the smaller budget riders and video dudes like Vince. Its shows that when the talent is there, you don't need to have big sponsors behind your back to be able to do great things.

Speaking of sponsors... It would mean the world to Vince and the boyz if you could check the trailer on freecaster.com and give it a 5 star vote. It will also help them to get some support to keep making videos that will "wow you & zow you".

October 11, 2008

2 flips, 1 cup

Cape Cod is sweet. Good times!

October 03, 2008

Vince Allard is a god...

Here's a link to the trailer for his upcoming movie.

everywhere-the movie trailer from Vincent Allard on Vimeo.

Not Alain