April 24, 2009


After some harch knee problem and his bike stolen Jerrett is slowly but surely getting back on his bike.

Nice bike Jarrett!

Hey Alain,
I finally got the Molosse all built. I attached a pic for ya. Riding will come along slowly since I'm still recovering from ACL knee surgery. I went for an easy ride today and it felt real nice.

Thanks again man,

April 15, 2009

Clear-out Molosse

Some time our bad luck can be good luck for you...
I have a very nice Trans-blue Molosse 24" in 21.5" top tube that was damaged in shipping.
Everything on the frame is A1 beside that kink on the top tube.
Dont worry, the damage is only esthetic,the frame will be 100% covered by the warrenty.
MSRP of that frame is 600$CAD, it can be yours for 450$CAD shipping included(Canada/US)

If you want it i suggest you hurry up..,clear out frame usualy dont last long.
For more info send us a email dobmaster@dobermannbikes.com



Christo's proto

Christopher Hatton's LePink prototype was done over the Easter weekend and shipped to France yesterday.

Note that this is still a proto...some minor changes will be done to save some weight and to have a cleaner finished product.Also, Christopher is getting a full on custom paint job from one of his other sponsor...
We are looking forward to seeing the complete build!



April 13, 2009

Nice dob's!!!

Cool picture from Marc Moore showing off the 2 dob's in his life.



April 10, 2009

New Official dealer in the US!

I'm happy to announce that we have an official online dealer in the US.
Ride-This.com is a true rider owned bike shop and we know our American consumers will have the service they deserve when ordering our products through them. Clark and Matt are knolageable, friendly and helpful people and we are proud to be working with them. We believe that bike shops are better than us in regards to your biking needs, we are no longer selling direct in the US (Same policy in Canada). We will keep communicating with you regarding custom work, swag and occasional clearouts, but for regular production frames and parts, we ask you to go through Ride-This.com or your usual bike shop to place your order. If your bike shop does't carry dob's...just ask them to get in touch with us and we will hook them up with our product!



April 08, 2009

Pink and MID's update

Yes I know... its taken us for ever to get the Pink ready for production, but we prefer to take our time and do it right.

Our small 3 men operation can't stop the day to day production, so the Pink prototype and production JIG's need to be done at night, on weekend and pretty much when ever we have free time. After a summer with Clinton testing the proto with double flip, backflip tail whip and crazy big stuff, we have decided to upgrade the Pink from Spanish to MID BB and to add a few gussets for more lateral stiffness.

The MID bb are becoming the standard BB in the BMX scene. As they are stronger than spanish BB and the R12 bearing is one of the most common bearing in America which mean you can find those bad boyz pretty much in any hardware store at a very reasonable price compare to the Spanish size bearing that are custom made for the bike industries.
So...we also decided to use the MID's on our Molosse frames.
The MID BB we are using on the Molosse and on the PINK are CNC machined in America by our friend Aaron at Solid BMX. Solid are making some kick ass product and also supply parts for many BMX frame builder such as FBM BMX.

As you can see our MID BB is machined with a "rib" inside to allow some very thin outside wall to keep everything "solid" and light.LinkThe Pink BB shell and pivot is design with the same inside "rib".

The frame we are working on tonight is going to France for pro rider Christopher Hatton.
Its the first of the last 3 preproduction proto. Once those 3 are done, tested and our production jig's are good to go( as much as we love and cherish our Anvil jig...she is not design for full-suspension bike production..so we had to build our own jig for the Pink and Stella frames) the official production Le Pink frames will start to roll out the shop in limited quantity.

Stay tune for Christopher Hatton review of the Pink.



April 04, 2009

Happy B-Day 2 U, U belong in a zoo!

Special post just to wish the monkey in my life a great day for his 31th birthday.

Je t'aime