August 30, 2010

Now Hiring!!!

Dobermann Fab. is looking for a welder, a machinist and general labour!

Because of the growing demand of the Dobermann frames and new products for 2011, Dobermann Bikes need some help. We are looking for a full time (year round) professional TIG welder, a machinist/toolmaker that know how to work with conventional (non CNC machines) and a labour to help with the frame prep, powder coat and more small task (proper training will be supplied). Even if experience is great, we are mostly looking for someone with pure raw talent and apassion for bikes.
A cool part of being part of a small team, is that your input is vital to the success of the company.
So, one day, we might see one of your ideas on one of our bikes!

Most important of all, we are looking for someone who is as passionate, dedicated about bikes as we are.

If you want to be part of the Dobermann team, give us a call at the shop 819 986 8888 or email Alain at

Dobermann Bikes

August 20, 2010

Ze Rise in Barcelona

Our Friends from The Rise riding the Street of Barcelona...

The Rise in BCN from Michel Plonka on Vimeo.