March 23, 2010

New Yowelli Vid

This is an edit I made with footy from the summer of 06, the 07 Ray's season opener's trip and the summer of 09. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think of course. Music by my mans Pushakey, the group's name is Uppanotch and you can hear there album here. And remember to check the site.
Anson Wellington

March 08, 2010

PinkBike Video of the Month

Screw the Oscars!!!
Check this out! PinkBike video of the month goes to :
Vincent Allard and his 2010 Ray's odd couple video

March 06, 2010


Here is the latest video of Matt MacDuff at Joyride 150, by Justin Brown.


March 04, 2010

Toronto Bike Show

Toronto Bike show starts tomorrow and Dobermann Bikes will be there to meet you. Come see Alain at The Bike Zone booth (390) or at the Core booth (693- next the the Toronto BMX Jam).
Click here for a map of the floor.

Here's this weekend's special:
- 2009 frames at a discounted price.
- 2010 frames - you get a custom color free.

Come and see us!

March 02, 2010

Vincent Allard Interview on

Nice interview with Vince about his soon to be release new movie ''The Rise''.

Its all in french, sorry...If you are a trooper you can translate it with Google translate