January 27, 2009

The bars are back

The bars are back from the bender in Montréal.
They are sweet! The bends are perfect and smooth and the weight is fair for such wide bars.NO they are not available yet and NO we dont know when they will be.
We still have to clean them up, do some final touches before we paint them and brand them.

Some sneak peek info on the spec's and geo will be posted on our Facebook fan pages in the next few days.

Also if you want te be one of the first to get you hand on a set...look out for a limited introduction offer that will " Wow you and Zow you", available exclusively to our Facebook fan club members.


January 24, 2009

Highlands Bike Park and Feeney Films

The Yard Bikers, 508 industries and Feeney Films Rocked in 08 and we're ready to Roll for 09 !

2008 was a Hectic summer in New England. The Yard Bikers spent the summer excavating Highland Mountain and 508 Industries was busy dominating the events there. This made for a great summer of shooting for Feeney Films.

Tom and Ben Lepesqueur spent the summer of 08 inside heavy equipment. Whether building their pump track at home or tearing up the side of Highland Mountain. Highland Mountain took on some enormous trail expansions in a very short time. In New England there is no easy way to do anything on the side of a mountain until at least May. From then until mid November the dirt crew at Highland was able to blaze two new trails, build the run that would be slain for the first ever Claymore Challenge, and reconstruct one the first trails ever build by Mark Hayes' crew, NE Style.

Clinton McMahon, Rocco Quintilliani, and Mike Kent , of Yarmouth Mass, spent a ton of time at Highland this past summer as well.
These guys come from the mean streets of Cape Cod. The ghetto Life made them tough as Nails.

Both of the contests held at Highland proved well for the boys from 508 in 2008. Clint and Rocco cleaned house at the first ever Jumptoberfest and even though Clinton didn't walk away with the Claymore sword he was able to place 5th and earn an invite to the Bear Claw invitational.

So Check out my film Massive Action. It follows these crazy people jumping, flipping and burning through New England in the summer of 2008. Keep an eye out for Feeney Films in 2009, we've got plenty of dangerous things in mind. www.feeneyfilms.com


This post is a rip off from pinkbike.com

January 23, 2009

What's cookin ?

This week, we powder coated alot of Tchokr forks and I took some picture to show you what it looks like in the oven.

After spraying them with the powder, the forks and frames need to "bake" in our pizza oven at 350 for 20 minutes.On this picture you can see the curing process of the powder coat when its in the oven.

On the first fork on the right you can see the powder is still powder...and on the second one you can see it starting to melt and become liquid and solid (the thicker steerer tube take more time to get at the meltdown temp). Its a pretty cool process. Those fork are in our stock trans-blue color.



January 12, 2009

Finaly a good tune!

Vince just send me a quick edit from there trip at rays.
Black Flag rocks!

rays trip preview from Vincent Allard on Vimeo.

Unofficial dobermann bikes commercial

I got this email from Simon this morning.
Hello guys

um not sure if you remember me but i visited the factory a while ago and was filming that commercial for a school project. well anyways the commercial is done and i just thought i would send you the link so that you guys can check it out on vimeo anyways thanks again for everything.

take care
Simon p

unofficial dobermann bikes commercial from simon on Vimeo.



January 09, 2009

Xavier Cloutier bike check

So while Vince, Michel, Joe, Jeremy, Truite, Julien, Marshall, Vinet, (AKA everybody i ride with or almost) are all gone to rays MTB until the 12th, i'm here at home in Montreal, it's 1 am, and i have nothing to do, so here is my bike check... ENJOY!

Frame: Dobermann Pinscher special (110 mm spacing, 14mm dropouts, double wrapped chainstays, gyro tabs, spanish bb)
Fork: Marzocchi Dirt Jumper 3, lowered to around 60mm
Crank: Deity
Front wheel: Alienation Runaway laced to a sun ringle abbah hub
Rear wheel: Alienation Black Sheep laced to a demolition anorexia hub
Tires: Khe Mac2
Seat: Animal Cush
Seatpost: Animal pivotal
Chain: Khe half link hollow
Sprocket: Wethepeople
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Stem: Fly Mosca
Bars: Prototype Dobermann (Bar de peanut, or Bar de danseuse, or whatever it's gonna be called haha)
Grips: Shadow Conspiracy
Headset: Chris King
Brakes: Vans Authentic

I don't know the weight, i think its like 27 or so...

Big thanks to Richard Desaulniers AKA PhotoGGG for taking these pictures AKA the worst pictures he ever took (thats what he told me, so if you think these pictures suck, he already knows, but i forced him to give em to me. He always says this anyways.).


January 06, 2009


New for 2009...the Doberboxes

Very happy ! We are now entering a new era, No more "crappy used boxes"!!!
Since we started, we've always used old bike boxes that our friends at local bike shops were kindly giving to us to ship our frames.
It made sense (saving $ and it's environmentally friendly), but mostly we just did not have the budget to have custom boxes made for us.

Now, with the ever growing demand for our frames, re-using old boxes is taking way to much time. The new box allows us to be more efficient, the frames are safer on their way to you and it all looks much more professional. It might sound stupid, but for us, finally having our own box is a very big step, we have been "dreaming" about it since day 1.


January 02, 2009

Industry Skate Park bmx/mtb contests

It's that time of year! Industry is pleased to announce some more bmx/mtb contests.

The weekend of Jan 17/18 Industry Skate Park will Host Ontario's top bmx riders on Saturday and Mountainbike riders Sunday.
We are currently finalizing for our title sponsorship but it looks like Ryder Distribution, Norco, Dobermann & Want are all on board.
Something that we are doing is a Pro/ Open Category with 50% of the entrance fees going back out in Prize money. Product for all Amateurs.

The Details:

When: January 17/18 2009
Where: Industry Skate Park Inc.
St Thomas Ontario 519-633-5607
Times: 10am doors open, Comp starts @ 1pm Sat & Sunday
Cost: BMX 16 under ($25) 16 over ($25) & Pro/OPen ($35)
MTB Am ($25) & Pro/ OPen ($35)

Register in the morning

For any more info please hit me with an email brandon@industryskatepark.com

Spread the word please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!