December 17, 2009

2 000 Dobermann Fans on Facebook!

Thanks to Christian Byrgesen from Nørreskovej, Denmark!
We have now reach the 2 000 fan bench mark on our Facebook fan page

This is very nice! 2 000 thanks to all our fans!

December 07, 2009

Australian style

This kid is one of our Australian “Team Dobermann” Riders, his name is Adam Stoddard and he has some style!

adam stoddart web edit from Adam Thomas Stoddart on Vimeo.

If you are in Australia check out:
Barspin Imports

Mobile: +61 (0)400800303

December 04, 2009

Dob rally team at the Tall Pines Rally

Bikes bikes bikes bikes...We dream about bikes, we eat bikes, but sometimes, we take a break from bikes stuff, take the car out and go rally!

2 weeks ago the Dobermann/PassionR rally team took the start at the Rally of the Tall Pines in Bancroft Ontario.

Our friend Vince made a pretty nice video and we would like to share it with you:

Rally of the Tall Pines from Vincent Allard on Vimeo.

We took the 17th place overall! Pretty sweet!
We're happy about it. For our second day out with that car.
We drove safely and did not go too crazy. The car is for sale, I needed to bring it back in top shape!

Super Big thanks to everyone that help us out! :

Sylvain Erickson and Patrick Rainville for the inspiration and the gear!

Tonik Motorsports and Fred for their help at the service, you guys rock!

The Ouellette brothers that landed us there impact gun and jack so we could fix the car during transit(yes it was that bad...we needed 2 jacks and 2 impact). They took the risk of going on a stage without the possibility to change a flat tire! Thats crazy! We own you big time! Without them we would have never made it back to service and our rally would have ended ealier.

Passion R Charter Flight for joining our team as a main sponsor!

November 26, 2009


Got our latest issue of Decline Magazine today !

Here's Gabriel showing of our first ever magazine ad!

<span class=

This is a big deal for us! It might sound silly, but its almost as big of a deal as the day we got our dob box's.... Ooooo our beloved dob box's....

Big thanks to everyone involve in this: Michel Plonka for the pose, Richard Desaulnier Jr for the kick ass photo, the nice people at Decline magazine and myself for the graphic design : )

November 16, 2009

Dobermann UK

We are happy to announce that Dobermann Bikes will soon be available in the UK through Balfa UK LTD.
The first shipment will be just in time for X-mass (they are taking orders rigth now).

Balfa UK will keep all Dobermann products in stock and will take care of consumer service for the United Kingdom.
This is good news for all the riders in the United Kingdom as they will now have access to our products and services without having to deal with international shipping and custom fee's.

If you have more questions or want to place an order, our friend Jamie at Balfa UK will be happy to help you out.

Tel : 01235 759366
website :


November 03, 2009

I had time to edit this one today

filmed on the 17th of october when kent woods, matt macduff and jeremy menduni were in montreal to film for a new movie.


WebEdit 17th of october from Vincent Allard on Vimeo.

October 10, 2009

New Tees for sale!

We have received brand new tshirts with a new design.
They are $30.oo, taxes & shipping included*.
Hurry up, they are going fast!
I don't know who took these pictures, but the pasta dental green is actually brighter and the yellowish orange is actually canary yellow.
*may not apply for overseas shipping.

October 02, 2009

2010 Stella on NSMB!!!

Oooya our friends at NSMB have posted some sweet pictures of our Pink and Stella frames from our Interbike Booth.


Yes...its true! Le Pink have some "ridiculously short chainstays: 15.25" " 15.25"

Guillaume the rider or Guillaume the baker ?

Found this funny picture of our friend/neighbor/rider Guillaume Bellefeuille on

Very cool article about the Bakery where he works.
Guillaume has been a part of Dobermann since the beginning, he was one of the pioneer of the early 2000 MTBMX east coast riding scene. You might not have heard of him often anymore, but he stills ride fricking hard with the same very progressive style. Also, he tests some of our new products...Its quite convenient as he lives on the same street as the Dob factory and has some sweet kickers in front of his house.

Guillaume life is always full of new projects, from traveling around the world, to build log-house and backing croissant. His spirit is a true inspiration for all of us.

Gui you rock!
The Wild Oat Bakery pizza's are the best!

September 30, 2009

Back from Véguss....

So, we are finally back from our Vegas/Interbike road trip.
We have stop posting on the road because everything just got crazier and we basically lost touch of time once we drove into Vegas. Have you seen " The Hangover", the movie ?

We will post some pics and recap once our heads are back top normal.
That 10,000km trip was cool,but has you can was a loooon drive.

For now...enjoy that cool video from Tommy Lajoie
I'm impressedof his progress since last summer.
Is it the cold Baie-Comeau wind? Love? His Pinscher? Lack of things to do in Baie-Comeau?
I dont know... but wow! impressive riding!

September 19, 2009

Altitude, pizza and beer

Only 12 more hours until Vegas. We are in Denver and the view is awesome. Unfortunately, we won't get to see much of it as we are driving through the Rockies at night.

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Why should I let you in my country...?

Here we are, in Illinois.. Happy the border crossing went really smootly. The custom offier asked Alain the reason he should let us in the States.. We all frooze, but Alain did great... and they didn't search the van. Fiou..
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September 18, 2009

33 more hours to go....

Here we are, stuck in the GTA traffic. Fred is already bored and Mat just learned what Sodoku is and that his fork is broken. Boarder crossing scheduled in 3 hours.

The office is closed until the 30th.
Come see us in Vegas, booth 5569.

Can't wait to be in Vegas!
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September 11, 2009

Las Vegas prequel

We are here in sexy downtown Gatineau, testing our international wireless blogging device ... Come see us if you're around.

To nigth is Radio Radio!

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August 25, 2009


Sweet picture of Anson Wellington shreddin the street of Brooklyn with is BMW bike and dob Tchokr fork.

August 17, 2009

Independent sales rep wanted in Western Canada and United States

Starting its fifth year in business, Dobermann Bikes is ready to expand its independent sales rep network to Alberta, B.C., Maritimes and all of the United States.

We are a rider-owned company known for our "hardcore" street/park and dirt-jump frames and parts. In 2010, our line-up is growing to include a very unique full 4130 Slopestyle frame, a full 4130 DH racer frame and a fixed-gear frame.

We propose unique and innovative Canadian made products at very competitive prices.

We are seeking experienced sales rep knowledgeable of their local bike scene and the cycling industry. Preference will be given to reps with an establish dealers network. Commissions based on territory and experience.

For more information, please contact Alain Lavoie at or (819) 682-5948.

More Le Pink Sightings at CrankworkX

Our friends from Pinkbike did a nice review of the new LinkFox 831 Suspension Fork...showing off our Pink frame at the same time.

August 14, 2009

Le Pink Sightings at CrankworkX

The Crankworx coverage from DropMachine is showing one of our Pink frame in the FOX shocks booth demoing there new slopestyle fork.

Check it out!

August 13, 2009

Too bad!

Can it ever get more exciting!!!!!

I wish Clinton would have ridden today and relax for the slopestyle, but he gets more practice time I guess!?

The VW Best Trick Showdown competition has been cancelled today due to rain. (Thu, 13 Aug 2009 Posted at 04:00:00 PM)

“The Boneyard is just not going to provide the conditions needed for our slopestyle athletes to perform at the level they want to,” says Mark Taylor, Event Director for Kokanee Crankworx. “Due to the rain the wooden features are too slick and the dirt jumps are too soft to safely pull the technical tricks and massive airs.”

In lieu of airing the VW Best Trick Showdown on’s live webcast a live interview talk show will take place 5:30 to 7:30pm at

The VW Best Trick winner will now be determined at the Monster Energy Slopestyle event on Saturday, August 15. All unqualified riders will be competing at 3:30pm for the rider-judged VW Best Trick as well as for their place to compete in the Slopestyle Finals. Over the entire event of qualifiers and finals the $6000 prize purse will be awarded to the rider with the over best trick deemed by their fellow competitors.

August 12, 2009

Crankworx!!!!! Go Clinton GO!!!!

Its the Crankworx time of the year...
Clinton McMahon is in Whistler with is Pink slopestyle frame as we speak getting ready to kick some ass in tomorrow's vw trick showdown in order to qualify to the Monster energy slopestyle on the 14.

We are so stoked that Clinton was able to be selected to compete, as this comp is seriously only for the top of the top. Only 24 of the best athlete in the world were specialy hand pick to compete in the best trick contest qualifier. Clinton got invited after showing what he can do at this year Claymore Challenge. Only 16 of the 24 top riders in the world will have the chance to ride in the Monster energy slopestyle, are we talking top level comp or what!??!!!

This is a turning point in Clinton career and we wish him the best!
Gabriel, Fred, Seb and I will watch him live on Live webcast tomorow at 5:30 BC time. We invite you to do the same as it will be a epic Trick contest!!!



August 11, 2009

Ooo ya! Barspin represent in da Bank!

Congratulation to Darren at Barspin imports for being the Small Business of the Month at is local bank branch. Having some support like this from the local bank means allot to a small business like us and Barspin. It also show's that Darren is doing a hell of a good job!

Barspin Imports is Small Business of the Month at Westpac Bank’s Milton BranchLink (Brisbane, Australia). Barspin Imports is the importer and distributor of Dobermann Fabrication’s frames and components for Australia.

“Being business of the month meant that we got to set up a display in the branch, enabling us to show case Dobermann’s awesome products in a very different environment from the usual bike shops, trade shows and events. The feedback from staff and bank customers has been nothing but fantastic!

The Baby Blue Molosse with a hard-core street build looks incredible in the drab interior of the branch and with the super colourful poster above it, makes for a very eye catching display. We’re super stoked” Darren, Director, Barspin Imports.

August 03, 2009

Who won a Guidoune?, in collaboration with Dobermann bikes, offered a chance to win some handlebars. The contest consisted of creating a drawing in the context of biking.
Here are the entries:

Good luck to all of you..!!!! Visit , the winners should be posted in a few days.
Que le meilleur gagne!