September 30, 2009

Back from VĂ©guss....

So, we are finally back from our Vegas/Interbike road trip.
We have stop posting on the road because everything just got crazier and we basically lost touch of time once we drove into Vegas. Have you seen " The Hangover", the movie ?

We will post some pics and recap once our heads are back top normal.
That 10,000km trip was cool,but has you can was a loooon drive.

For now...enjoy that cool video from Tommy Lajoie
I'm impressedof his progress since last summer.
Is it the cold Baie-Comeau wind? Love? His Pinscher? Lack of things to do in Baie-Comeau?
I dont know... but wow! impressive riding!

September 19, 2009

Altitude, pizza and beer

Only 12 more hours until Vegas. We are in Denver and the view is awesome. Unfortunately, we won't get to see much of it as we are driving through the Rockies at night.

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Why should I let you in my country...?

Here we are, in Illinois.. Happy the border crossing went really smootly. The custom offier asked Alain the reason he should let us in the States.. We all frooze, but Alain did great... and they didn't search the van. Fiou..
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September 18, 2009

33 more hours to go....

Here we are, stuck in the GTA traffic. Fred is already bored and Mat just learned what Sodoku is and that his fork is broken. Boarder crossing scheduled in 3 hours.

The office is closed until the 30th.
Come see us in Vegas, booth 5569.

Can't wait to be in Vegas!
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September 11, 2009

Las Vegas prequel

We are here in sexy downtown Gatineau, testing our international wireless blogging device ... Come see us if you're around.

To nigth is Radio Radio!

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