January 06, 2010

Introducing the 2010 Pinscher evolutions

The 2010 Pinscher is now available, here's some spec's and info on them :
Working in small production batches allows us to tweek our desing as needed. Since the Pinscher's debut in 2005, the geo of the Pinscher and Molosse have not changed much (besides shorter chainstays). The geometry shared by those 2 frames is perfectly dialed and is the main feature of our frames! This geo will make your bike feel ligther and you will see an improvement in your riding in just a few ride.

We are working with frame ''evolutions'' rather than frame ''years'', as some frames made in the spring migth be sligthly different from a frame of the same year produced in the fall. Most of the evo's found on the 2010 frames that are produced as we speak can be found on the 09 frames produced in the last six month ( the new custom single butted top tube was added to the frames last summer).

Heres what's new on the 2010 Pinscher evolution :

- Custom single butted top tube
With the ever-increasing level of riding, popularity of rigid forks and new tricks that are abusing frames in ways that we haven't seen before (180's, foot jam ect ect) We needed to reenforce our top tube to prevent deformation. We did some tests using super high-end alloys and specialty tubes, but the ultimate way to make it bomb-proof without adding weigth and costs was to have some custom single butted tubes made for us by True Temper. The new top tubes are now much ticker at the head tube and gradualy get thinner going down to the seat tube. This new tube allowed us to save some weigth at the same time!

- 24 or 26 inch specific
At the '' demande générale'' we have designed some new drop-outs that are specific for the wheel size of your choice. This allowed us to make smaller/cleaner drop outs which are ligther and where you can slam your hub axle all the way in. The classic 24/26 dropouts are still available at no extra cost on request.

Spec's and Geo overview :

Material : True temper and aerospace 4130 cromoly tubing
Size's : 21.5'', 22.5'' and custom top-tube lenghts
Weigth : 24'': 5.1lbs short , 26'': 5.4lbs short

Colors : Trans-Blue, White, Flat-BLK, Purple + 100's of custom colors
Head tube : 1 1/8'' press fit, 110mm lenght.
BB : 73mm euro
Dropouts : 10x135mm (regular MTB hub)
Brake: Disk brake mounts (Vbrake option available)
Seat tube : 11.5'' long (all sizes), 31.6mm seat post, 34.9mm seat clamp
Head angle: 72°( both wheel size, 427mm Tchokr Fork)
Seat angle: 74° ( both wheek size, 427mm Tchokr Fork)
BB location : -6.4 mm from the axle line (both wheel size)
BB heigth: 26's: 12,7/8''(327mm) , 24's: 12, 1/8''(307.9mm)
Chainstay length: 15'' (381 mm) on 26's , 14.173' '(360 mm) on 24's
Wheel base :973 mm (small 24''), 1001 mm(small 26''), 994 mm(large 24''), 1022 mm(large 26'')
Standover heigth: 24'' on 26's , 23''on 24's (top tube and seat tube jonction)
Warrenty : 1 year for manufacturing defect and regular riding failure.
Crash replacement: 3 years of crash replacement deals if for some reason your are struck by bad luck and your problems are not covered by our warrenty


stefan said...

Could You GUys Send Me A Link to Where I Can Buy One Of Your 2010 Frames

Dobermann Bikes said...

Hello Stefan,

You can see the dealers and distributors list on the rigth side of the blog, just on top of the facebook link, under the contact info.

If there is no dealer close to you, email us at dobmaster@dobermannbikes.com and we will help you out!


Bubba said...

Would you mind sending me a picture of your 2010 pinscher frame in white. i want to get it but i want to know what it looks like first.

Bubba said...


ian said...

Where is the national distrubtor in Canada?

stefanus said...

i live in indonesia and im planning to buy the 2010 pinscher...but how?hehe..please help me out.thks guys

damon said...

so sick when is the 2011 pinsher gonna be out the pinshers gonna be my next bike

tim said...

Hey I have Pinscher would these cranks/spindle/spline fit it???


Thanks - Tim

Serpent said...

i live in singapore. how ever i cant find a dealer in singapore as the page of your blog is 'not found'.

can u guys help me on this?