November 26, 2009


Got our latest issue of Decline Magazine today !

Here's Gabriel showing of our first ever magazine ad!

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This is a big deal for us! It might sound silly, but its almost as big of a deal as the day we got our dob box's.... Ooooo our beloved dob box's....

Big thanks to everyone involve in this: Michel Plonka for the pose, Richard Desaulnier Jr for the kick ass photo, the nice people at Decline magazine and myself for the graphic design : )

November 16, 2009

Dobermann UK

We are happy to announce that Dobermann Bikes will soon be available in the UK through Balfa UK LTD.
The first shipment will be just in time for X-mass (they are taking orders rigth now).

Balfa UK will keep all Dobermann products in stock and will take care of consumer service for the United Kingdom.
This is good news for all the riders in the United Kingdom as they will now have access to our products and services without having to deal with international shipping and custom fee's.

If you have more questions or want to place an order, our friend Jamie at Balfa UK will be happy to help you out.

Tel : 01235 759366
website :


November 03, 2009

I had time to edit this one today

filmed on the 17th of october when kent woods, matt macduff and jeremy menduni were in montreal to film for a new movie.


WebEdit 17th of october from Vincent Allard on Vimeo.