November 26, 2008

Take advantage of your USD and buy Canadian!!!

Wow… I have just checked the exchange rate today and OMG!
The Canadian $ is going down... And the USD$ is going up!
Which means that if you have some USD its time to buy in Canada and save some $.

At today's exchange rate, our frames will cost you :

- Pinscher stock color MSRP of 525$CAD = +/- 430$USD
- Molosse 24 or 26 ’’ stock color MSRP of 600$CAD = +/- 485$USD
- Tchoker Fork 10mm custom color 250$CAD = +/- 202$USD

This includes Free custom serial # and Free UPS shipping to the US.
We offer some discount shipping prices for countries were we don't have any distributors.

Stock colors are Flat BLK, White, Trans-Blue and Purple, Discount available for custom colors.

Custom serial # means that we can stamp your name or favorite quote on the dropout.

If you want to place a order email me at



November 19, 2008

Go Antoine Go!!

Just found a nice video of our friend Antoine made by professional MTB Video/photog and friend Warwick Patterson. It's cool to see people working in the bike business doing rally or getting involved in the rally scene. Last year we even met Dave Mirra taking the start of his first rally at the Tall Pines.

We will be cheering for Antoine and our otter rally driver friends at the Tall Pines rally this weekend...Hopefully i will be able to join them and kick there asses(dream on) with the Dobermann Rally car sometimes next year.



November 11, 2008

Flip Heelclicker

Another Supertrick By Clinton Mcmahon!!

La baree de peanut ? La bar de danseuses ?

Sneak peak of some prototype bars... made with True-Temper 22.2 tubes, 1.6mm thick walls, bent in MTL, PQ. these babies are hot!
We got "funky" with the sharpie , don't worry the production version will have a proper deco.
More details.when i can.
No, they wont be available soon...

Ryan, your bars are ready, you can come pick them up whenever you can! (Xavier, Kent & Mich we will send them to you once we are done with our sharpie creations...)



November 07, 2008

Everywhere-Teaser 2

Looking good! Cant wait to see the full version...maybe at the dob Christmass party ?

everywhere-teaser 2 from Vincent Allard on Vimeo.