May 30, 2008

Sweet video from Logan

Just found a sweet video from Logan Pete son of Pistol Pete rocking is dob!

Very impressive riding Logan! Cant wait to see you ride at Crank Worx!



May 29, 2008

Made the news paper today

For those that cant read french, i will post more details later to day.
Dont worry... Even if i look mad in the pix i did not quick the shit out of the photograph.


29 mai 2008 - 06h00
Le Droit
Catherine Lamontagne

Photo: Michel Lafleur, Le Droit

La jeunesse de l'Outaouais reçoit 1,7 million $

La Table jeunesse Outaouais (TJO) a annoncé hier des investissements de 1,7 million $ du Fonds régional d'investissement jeunesse (FRIJ).
De ce montant, 1,4 million $ ont été octroyés à des projets d'envergure régionale alors que 250 000 $ ont été investis pour des projets locaux.

"Ces investissements ont servi de levier financier puisque 3 146 665 $ supplémentaires ont été investis par nos partenaires", souligne Stéphanie Doré, présidente de la TJO.

Parmi les récipiendaires cette année, l'entreprise spécialisée dans la fabrication de cadres pour vélos de montagne extrême Fabrication Dobermann a reçu un montant de 10 000 $ lui permettant d'élaborer un nouveau prototype de cadre pour bicyclette.

"Tout entrepreneur affronte plusieurs obstacles pour créer son entreprise et pour les jeunes, ces obstacles sont encore plus nombreux. Les jeunes entrepreneurs ne sont pas aussi solvables et cela fait que plusieurs n'ont pas les moyens de leur ambition", note Alain Lavoie, propriétaire et cofondateur de Fabrication Dobermann dont les cadres de vélos sont connus mondialement.

La mini-entreprise de récupération Polyvert de l'école secondaire Sieur-de-Coulonge dans le Pontiac a pour sa part reçu un montant de 8 000 $. Cet investissement permettra à l'entreprise de se doter d'une machine à coudre commercial afin de perfectionner les sacs en vêtements recyclés conçus pas les élèves.

Nouveau site Internet

La TJO a profité de ce dévoilement hier pour procéder à l'inauguration de son nouveau site Internet. Dorénavant les cinq Tables jeunesse locales présentes dans la MRC de l'Outaouais et de la Ville de Gatineau seront présentes sur ce portail regroupant les nouvelles des différentes Tables et un calendrier d'activités pour les jeunes de 12 à 35 ans. Les personnes intéressées peuvent consulter le site au

May 22, 2008

Jeff's big Dog

Our friend Jeff from Dropmachine built up his custom super long 23" (because he's super tall) Pinscher and made a pretty cool review of his build. (Click here for HISTORY)
Sweet bike Jeff we are happy you like it!



May 16, 2008

Dobermann available in France

Our friend Dominique juste got a load of Pinscher frames for his shop

They are available right now, im guessing they're gonna sell quickly.



May 15, 2008

Got a email from Clint this morning

Check it out.flipwhip @ my house

Im speechless...
Way to go mister Clinton Mcmahon



May 14, 2008

This is cleaning power BABY!!!!!!

For the last 3 years, cleaning the freaking coating on the dropouts before welding was a real pain in the ass!!! We tried every possible way...but most of the time it was done by students and/or our local riders on the shop grinder... real shitty job!!

But lately we were lucky enough to buy the machine we have been dreaming of for the last 3 years, a parts tumbler!!! Hehe!!!

This bad-ass vibrating machine is incredible! in 2 hours we are able to clean dropouts for 100 frames or forks. It used to be a 3 to 4 days job.
Oooo ya now were talking!

It can also do some pretty nice "ball burnished" work on aluminum parts.



Forks update

Our "CNC facility" were finally able to start working on our forks steerer tubes, so i went to check on there progress.

Here you can see the raw 4130 material and some steerer tubes that are coming out of the CNC machine. Suuuper smooth and perfect!

The machines will be running all night so tomorrow afternoon we will have all the steerer tubes back at the shop ready for the next's steps. All the forks parts are pretty much ready so we expect to see the first production forks starting to be ship-out in about 2 weeks.

Oyster for lunch!!!

Today, we got to eat oysters for lunch!

Last week, Gabriel went to New-B. for a funeral and brought back some sweet Oysters.
Best lunch we had at the shop in years! Those little Oysters were so tasty!!

Before lunch time, I went to the airport to drop off "Evelyne" going to Australia and M.H. catching the next flight to the UK.

This afternoon I'll be going to our CNC facility to check the progress of the cnc machined fork steerer tubes, I'll bring back some pics and a video.



May 13, 2008

This will be GOOD!!!!

After Greg & Gentillion, the best movie about people from Aylmer EVER MADE!!!!

Our High school friends are back with a movie that should hit the theaters sometimes this summer.

Sofar...the previews we have seen are great!

Hank & Mike ROCKS!!!!!

May 09, 2008

Unfortunatly I injured my knee

Last weekend went down lot of fun at industry skatepark in Ontario. Vincent, Joe and I made there it to ride that cool skatepark and hang out with everyone out there. The weekend turned out really fun, as expected! There was a super relax comp. going on too. Riders had 2 runs of like 5 minutes, and then every rider juged for a top 3. I guess it was that way because the juges were lazy (or drunk, or both, haha), but it was a really cool concept.
Andrew Bigelow took the win, That guy got his tricks so dialed! Nohanders in quarters, huge fufanus and abubacas, 360s, big footjams to only name a few. Mister Logan Peat rode amazing with some big dumped 360s on the spine, dialed tailwhips, 540s, tech tricks, jump tricks, hes just so good. As for me, I did a tailwhip-to-tailtap and a 360 tailwhip. Unfortunatly I injured my knee at the end of my first run on some 360 transfert that just didnt worked out well, what made me unable to ride in the second run. Jerret Bellamy dialed his double axle stall to over on that hitching pole or subrail (whatever is the good name for it), threw some sweet nohanders and barspins everywhere, Kent Woods blasted his unique smooth style all over the park, super dialed tech tricks, and Justin Guignard did some of the best backflips ive seen, attempted some 720s, and I apologize for what I forgot to say, ill let Vincent Allard's video explain you once its done.
Here are the MTB pro results. Expect a video soon, too.
1 - Andrew Bigelow
2 - Logan Peat
3 - Michel Plonka
4 - Jerrett Bellamy
5 - Kent Woods
6 - Justin G.

Big thanks to Alain and Gabo @ dobermannbikes and to Brandon and everyone else @ industryskatepark for everything!

Michel Plonka

May 08, 2008

The Distilled girl is riding a dob?!

Found that pix on the Distilled Mag Blog
Those rocks seem familiar ?

May 05, 2008

One step closer to production

The new prototype of the short travel single speed "slope-style" frame was ready in time for Bromont season opening.

It was allot of work, but we are VERY happy with the results!

The frame as 3.5" of travel and a 2:1 shock ratio.
The 400mm chain-stays and geo make it ride like a Pinscher...but... "PLUSH" ideal to go big!
The 19mm spanish BB pivot system is super stiff, efficient and reliable.
Right now that proto frame weigh in at 6.5 LBS shock included!
This version is still a bit rough, the drop outs, and shock mounts were literally hand made.
Expect to have more clean details once we get the lazer cut production parts (it will also help the weight to go even lower).

More photos and specs coming soon



PS: This prototype was made in partnership with the "Table Jeunesse Outaouais". Thank you so much for your support!