October 10, 2009

New Tees for sale!

We have received brand new tshirts with a new design.
They are $30.oo, taxes & shipping included*.
Hurry up, they are going fast!
I don't know who took these pictures, but the pasta dental green is actually brighter and the yellowish orange is actually canary yellow.
*may not apply for overseas shipping.

October 02, 2009

2010 Stella on NSMB!!!

Oooya our friends at NSMB have posted some sweet pictures of our Pink and Stella frames from our Interbike Booth. http://nsmb.com/3315-interbike-day-315/


Yes...its true! Le Pink have some "ridiculously short chainstays: 15.25" " 15.25"

Guillaume the rider or Guillaume the baker ?

Found this funny picture of our friend/neighbor/rider Guillaume Bellefeuille on Voir.ca

Very cool article about the Bakery where he works.
Guillaume has been a part of Dobermann since the beginning, he was one of the pioneer of the early 2000 MTBMX east coast riding scene. You might not have heard of him often anymore, but he stills ride fricking hard with the same very progressive style. Also, he tests some of our new products...Its quite convenient as he lives on the same street as the Dob factory and has some sweet kickers in front of his house.

Guillaume life is always full of new projects, from traveling around the world, to build log-house and backing croissant. His spirit is a true inspiration for all of us.

Gui you rock!
The Wild Oat Bakery pizza's are the best!