April 07, 2008

30 years old...already ?

I still cant believe it happened ? but its all to real...I did turn 30 years old last friday.
I was trying to avoid it, but hey!? I did not woke up any smarter or feeling older that day LOL.

To celebrate my birthday we did a pretty cool party at our new house, it was the perfect timing to do our "house-warming" party at the same time, since we moved in in February.

It was fun to see our old friends and celebrate one of the best year of my life, we had a blast playing "Rock band" and our friend Gabriel, which is also the welder at Dobermann, showed us what he can do on a drum and played a few song with his band "The Stabby Dancers".

I also got a pretty cool Bday gift, a sweet rally car that will allow me to come back on the Canadian rally championship, the thing is a real beast!!! It actually throw fire from the exhaust pipe LOL! Its also going to be the Dobermann Bikes company car.


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