April 24, 2008

So how was that artistic bike show anyways?

I know it's bit overdue, but here's what happened last week end.

After loading up on the coffee, donuts , and beans (Alain loves his beans), we hit the road and headed east to Montreal.
For this trip Alain and I were accompanied by our girlfriends; Geneviève and Julie, and by our employee of the year; Hooligan.
When we arrived we were greeted by the nice and friendly people from Cyclo Nord-Sud.
f you don't know what these guys do you must check them out. Recycling un-used bikes to be used by people from developing countries is beyond awesome. I was personally amazed by the drive, organization, and determination these people have.
If you're in the area and have a old bike you're not using, instead of turning it into a snow bike you're never gonna use, get in touch with Cyclo Nord-Sud! http://www.cyclonordsud.org

e set up in the alley like the true bad-boys we are (as if!) and I immediately began welding frames. Welding in the sun was a great experience. The wind was non-existent so my welds were never compromised. The weather was perfect!
The day got even better when the girls came back from some quick shopping with fresh fruits and delicious Merguez sausages!

The crowd, as well as the exhibitors, were different than what we are used to. People seemed more eager to talk about the fabrication process than the finished product!
I had a blast discussing all sorts of technical mumbo-jumbo with other frame-builders, old-school geniuses, and other bike geeks!
And as always I had lotso fun teaching people the basics of TIG welding!I was lucky to have my dad come and checked us out. He had visited the shop before, but never actually witnessed a frame being welded. I must also point out his impecable fashion sence.

All four of us were invited for supper at my dad's for. We ate soop, drank tea, and watched the Hab's lose... (no worries we got our revenge on monday!)
On sunday afternoon, after a quick shopping session at the drum shop and one last look at the exquisite works of two wheeled art that graced the warehouse floor, we packed up the dober-vann and went for some well deserved Gyros at the best greek restaurant in town, Arahova (remeber, kid's. Garlic is not a crime).

I'll let the Slideshow talk for itself...


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