May 05, 2008

One step closer to production

The new prototype of the short travel single speed "slope-style" frame was ready in time for Bromont season opening.

It was allot of work, but we are VERY happy with the results!

The frame as 3.5" of travel and a 2:1 shock ratio.
The 400mm chain-stays and geo make it ride like a Pinscher...but... "PLUSH" ideal to go big!
The 19mm spanish BB pivot system is super stiff, efficient and reliable.
Right now that proto frame weigh in at 6.5 LBS shock included!
This version is still a bit rough, the drop outs, and shock mounts were literally hand made.
Expect to have more clean details once we get the lazer cut production parts (it will also help the weight to go even lower).

More photos and specs coming soon



PS: This prototype was made in partnership with the "Table Jeunesse Outaouais". Thank you so much for your support!


Michael Zhao said...
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Michael Zhao said...

Looks like a cromo dually? Nice :D. It's looking great, keep up the good work

Dobermann Bikes said...

Yes, it's made in 4130 Cromo

Iggy said...

Wow, I would really like to buy that. So freakin sick, props.

Mickegillarcyklar said...

That looks like a giant bag o' fun!

Richard Welch said...

Beautiful rig and great job on the weight! I take it, it's too soon to ask what the est price would be? Def would love to pick one of those up.