May 09, 2008

Unfortunatly I injured my knee

Last weekend went down lot of fun at industry skatepark in Ontario. Vincent, Joe and I made there it to ride that cool skatepark and hang out with everyone out there. The weekend turned out really fun, as expected! There was a super relax comp. going on too. Riders had 2 runs of like 5 minutes, and then every rider juged for a top 3. I guess it was that way because the juges were lazy (or drunk, or both, haha), but it was a really cool concept.
Andrew Bigelow took the win, That guy got his tricks so dialed! Nohanders in quarters, huge fufanus and abubacas, 360s, big footjams to only name a few. Mister Logan Peat rode amazing with some big dumped 360s on the spine, dialed tailwhips, 540s, tech tricks, jump tricks, hes just so good. As for me, I did a tailwhip-to-tailtap and a 360 tailwhip. Unfortunatly I injured my knee at the end of my first run on some 360 transfert that just didnt worked out well, what made me unable to ride in the second run. Jerret Bellamy dialed his double axle stall to over on that hitching pole or subrail (whatever is the good name for it), threw some sweet nohanders and barspins everywhere, Kent Woods blasted his unique smooth style all over the park, super dialed tech tricks, and Justin Guignard did some of the best backflips ive seen, attempted some 720s, and I apologize for what I forgot to say, ill let Vincent Allard's video explain you once its done.
Here are the MTB pro results. Expect a video soon, too.
1 - Andrew Bigelow
2 - Logan Peat
3 - Michel Plonka
4 - Jerrett Bellamy
5 - Kent Woods
6 - Justin G.

Big thanks to Alain and Gabo @ dobermannbikes and to Brandon and everyone else @ industryskatepark for everything!

Michel Plonka

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