July 28, 2008

Clinton McMahon scores big at Claymore Challenge

Underdog Dobermann Bikes rider qualifies 1st and owns himself a spot at the Bearclaw invitational.This past weekend, the first annual Claymore Challenge Slopestyle event took place at Highland Mountain Bikes Park in New-Hampshire. Rocco Quintilliani and Clinton McMahon, from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, were there to represent Dobermann Bikes.

Rocco shredded the park with his fully rigid hardtail Pinscher, while Clinton was on the ‘’Le Pink’ prototype, Dobermann Bikes’s latest slopestyle creation.
Clint took delivery of his very exclusive frame on the morning of the competition and immediately began riding with his trademark aggressive style. This confidence followed him throughout the day as every jump was hit with growing intensity and aplomb.
Rocco showed off his talent and intense determination in a field dominated with long legged suspension bikes and full face helmets. His rigid ride never slowed him down while he wowed the crowd with 360-tailwhips and gnarly bar-humps.

The ninety minute-long qualification round was epic in proportion, with every rider trying to impose his style. But it was Clinton that got everyone talking after earning the top spot going into the final.Once the sun fell behind the last kicker, the finals got under way. Clinton, having qualified in first placed, was last in the order of riders in the best-of two-runs finals.
Riders upped the ante since the stakes were high and mountain bike superstar Kyle Ebbet did a fantastic job on the mic describing this battle, as the crowd of hundreds were all on their toes.
Clint did more than impress the judges with a corked, hipped backflip of Herculean proportions and the highest, most chest-splitting suicide-no-hander ever seen at Highland Mountain.

Once the dust settled and the wounds stopped bleeding, riders assembled near the chalet at the bottom of the course, awaiting to see who would be knighted champion of the Claymore Challenge. Clinton was rewarded for his guts and skills with a fifth place finish and an all-expense paid trip to the Bearclaw Invitational on Victoria Island, B.-C. being the highest-ranking non-invited rider.

Dobermann Bikes would like to thank everyone at Highland Mountain and Mark Hayes for creating such an amazing mountain bike paradise, all the riders for making this event one of the most entertaining in recent memory. As well as Rocco and Clinton for defending Dobermann’s colours with class and pride.

Dobermann Fab.

You can now see Clinton's run on Freecaster.com amazing!!

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