July 22, 2008

Dob's Thrashed the Brooklyn banks !!!!

Last weekend, we were invited to go to New York city for the Thrash Bike Jam at the Brooklyn Banks, located under the Brooklyn bridge in Manhattan.
Even on a short notice, there was no way we were going to miss the opportunity to ride such a mythical street spot.Also any reason is good to go to NYC.

Hotels are expensive in NYC. We choose to stay in a youth hostel. The place we found cost us 340$ for 8 person for 2 night, its a incredible deal!!! http://www.nylofthostel.com . You just need to get conformable with sharing a dorm room, but its a great way to meet cool people from around the world. The people at the hostel were very helpful and were cool enought to let us bring our bikes inside the hostel. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, it was a real change from what we are used to in Canada... Beside the fact that Jeremy was told by a guy on the the street "you should not wear red pants in this neighbourhood " and that the youth hostel's employee told us "inside safe...outside NooOT SAVE" with real vibes of fear in is eyes, it was a very nice location. Even the Brooklyn police were very nice to us when we got arrested for drinking beer on the street. (Thank you sooo much for not throwing us in a brooklyn cell in the middle of the night)

The jam was great! I wasnt the typical comp format, riders were riding in the park at the same time and judges handed out $$ for each landed tricks. The tougher the trick, the more $$$$ you would get. The more trick you do, the more $$$ you get... quite simple, very funn and all the riders went home with something. The amateur were able to exchange the $ for bike parts and swags and the pros got to exchange their
fake bills for real ones. It was very funny to see the amateur going "shopping" for there parts after the comp. 1000$ was up for grab for the pros. Sadly, Michel Plonka, had a knee problem and was not able to compete, which allowed Adam Hawk to get a little over 400$ and the rest was somewhat evenly shared with the other riders.

Dobermann was also giving out a Pinscher frame to the amateur that showed the best overall attitude, skills and that desesperatly needed a new frame. The lucky guy was Dan! What an interesting story behind this little guy. While his parents were away on vacation and left him at home in the UK, he bought tickets to NYC and left a note on the kitchen table: Mom and dad, im gone to NYC, i will be back in 2 weeks, love ya !!!!!! Once he got to NYC, he hooked up with some local riders that helped him finding a place to sleep. It was funny to see him spending the $$ he won on some "clean" clothess for the rest of his trip. We were very impressed by his friendly attitude, his overall riding skills and determination (the guy was riding an old beated up and cracked frame that he welded using a mig welding machine). Now that little dude truly deserved his new dob frame!

We also had the chance to meet Anson Wellington, a true pioneer of street riding. He was also injured and not able to ride but the "kidz" were psyched to exchange with a rider that seriously influence their riding style. Anson was very impressed with our Tchokr fork... so he is now riding one on his bike.

We would have wished more riders would have been there, they seriously missed-out one of the coolest east coast event of the year, but overall it was a great event!
Nick and Rick from www.thrashbikes.com did a great job, the seed has been planted and we cant wait to go back next year!

We will had more photos and videos soon.



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