September 01, 2008

Sad news...

Our frend Jerrett Bellamy got is dob stolen out of is garage in Port Elgin Ontario, the night of sat aug 30. Its a very unique dob and easily identifiableIts a transparent red/orange, white argyles with electrical tape checkers, atomlab wheels, macneil seat/ post, diety bar, thompson stem, odyssey gyro, avid bb7 front disc
frame serial #PSR 413
drop out has "GET RAD" engraved

There is maybe 5 Pinscher in that color...and only one with "GET RAD" stamped on the dropouts.

Also...its the only Pinscher with Vbrake mounts UNDER the seat-stays.

Any info: or 519 998 8725

Good luck Jerrett, if you cant find it...we will help you out.


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