November 26, 2008

Take advantage of your USD and buy Canadian!!!

Wow… I have just checked the exchange rate today and OMG!
The Canadian $ is going down... And the USD$ is going up!
Which means that if you have some USD its time to buy in Canada and save some $.

At today's exchange rate, our frames will cost you :

- Pinscher stock color MSRP of 525$CAD = +/- 430$USD
- Molosse 24 or 26 ’’ stock color MSRP of 600$CAD = +/- 485$USD
- Tchoker Fork 10mm custom color 250$CAD = +/- 202$USD

This includes Free custom serial # and Free UPS shipping to the US.
We offer some discount shipping prices for countries were we don't have any distributors.

Stock colors are Flat BLK, White, Trans-Blue and Purple, Discount available for custom colors.

Custom serial # means that we can stamp your name or favorite quote on the dropout.

If you want to place a order email me at



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Dobermann Bikes said...

Kossé ca des tetons!
Chu Outréée!