January 06, 2009


New for 2009...the Doberboxes

Very happy ! We are now entering a new era, No more "crappy used boxes"!!!
Since we started, we've always used old bike boxes that our friends at local bike shops were kindly giving to us to ship our frames.
It made sense (saving $ and it's environmentally friendly), but mostly we just did not have the budget to have custom boxes made for us.

Now, with the ever growing demand for our frames, re-using old boxes is taking way to much time. The new box allows us to be more efficient, the frames are safer on their way to you and it all looks much more professional. It might sound stupid, but for us, finally having our own box is a very big step, we have been "dreaming" about it since day 1.


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Xavier said...

Malade, la boite, good job.