April 10, 2009

New Official dealer in the US!

I'm happy to announce that we have an official online dealer in the US.
Ride-This.com is a true rider owned bike shop and we know our American consumers will have the service they deserve when ordering our products through them. Clark and Matt are knolageable, friendly and helpful people and we are proud to be working with them. We believe that bike shops are better than us in regards to your biking needs, we are no longer selling direct in the US (Same policy in Canada). We will keep communicating with you regarding custom work, swag and occasional clearouts, but for regular production frames and parts, we ask you to go through Ride-This.com or your usual bike shop to place your order. If your bike shop does't carry dob's...just ask them to get in touch with us and we will hook them up with our product!



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