August 17, 2009

Independent sales rep wanted in Western Canada and United States

Starting its fifth year in business, Dobermann Bikes is ready to expand its independent sales rep network to Alberta, B.C., Maritimes and all of the United States.

We are a rider-owned company known for our "hardcore" street/park and dirt-jump frames and parts. In 2010, our line-up is growing to include a very unique full 4130 Slopestyle frame, a full 4130 DH racer frame and a fixed-gear frame.

We propose unique and innovative Canadian made products at very competitive prices.

We are seeking experienced sales rep knowledgeable of their local bike scene and the cycling industry. Preference will be given to reps with an establish dealers network. Commissions based on territory and experience.

For more information, please contact Alain Lavoie at or (819) 682-5948.


TrendWhoreAdmiral said...

I'm so in!

Lauryn said...

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