August 11, 2009

Ooo ya! Barspin represent in da Bank!

Congratulation to Darren at Barspin imports for being the Small Business of the Month at is local bank branch. Having some support like this from the local bank means allot to a small business like us and Barspin. It also show's that Darren is doing a hell of a good job!

Barspin Imports is Small Business of the Month at Westpac Bank’s Milton BranchLink (Brisbane, Australia). Barspin Imports is the importer and distributor of Dobermann Fabrication’s frames and components for Australia.

“Being business of the month meant that we got to set up a display in the branch, enabling us to show case Dobermann’s awesome products in a very different environment from the usual bike shops, trade shows and events. The feedback from staff and bank customers has been nothing but fantastic!

The Baby Blue Molosse with a hard-core street build looks incredible in the drab interior of the branch and with the super colourful poster above it, makes for a very eye catching display. We’re super stoked” Darren, Director, Barspin Imports.

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