September 30, 2009

Back from Véguss....

So, we are finally back from our Vegas/Interbike road trip.
We have stop posting on the road because everything just got crazier and we basically lost touch of time once we drove into Vegas. Have you seen " The Hangover", the movie ?

We will post some pics and recap once our heads are back top normal.
That 10,000km trip was cool,but has you can was a loooon drive.

For now...enjoy that cool video from Tommy Lajoie
I'm impressedof his progress since last summer.
Is it the cold Baie-Comeau wind? Love? His Pinscher? Lack of things to do in Baie-Comeau?
I dont know... but wow! impressive riding!

1 comment:

Peter Green said...

Guys make the vid available to watch fullscreen - otherwise makes no sense - noone likes to watch tiny videos.

The vid itself btw is not bad at all. But how you present it matters. (higly)