January 12, 2010

2010 Molosse

How do we pronounce Molosse ?
Molasse ?? Molussse ??
Its quite simple : MO-LO-SS !

What does it mean?
Molosse is a French expression that categorise all Bad ass Dogs!
Guard dogs, wild dogs, fighting dogs ect... Breeds like pit-bull, boxer, bull dogs, Rottweiler and Dobermann's are often categorise as Molosse.

-New for 2010 : Custom single butted top tube
The new top tubes are now much ticker at the head tube and gradualy get thinner going down to the seat tube. This new tube allowed us to save some weigth at the same time!

Spec's and Geo overview :

Material : True temper and aerospace 4130 cromoly tubing
Size's : 21.5'', 22.5'' and custom top-tube lenghts
Weigth : 24'': 5 lbs short , 26'': 5.3lbs short
Colors : Trans-Blue, White, Flat-BLK, Purple + 100's of custom colors
Head tube : 1 1/8'' press fit, 110mm lenght.
Gyro tabs
Dropouts : 14x110mm (BMX hub) 10x110 also available on request
Brake: Vbrake
Seat tube : 11.5'' long (all sizes), 31.6mm seat post, 34.9mm seat clamp
Head angle : 72°( both wheel size, 427mm Tchokr Fork)
Seat angle: 74° ( both wheek size, 427mm Tchokr Fork)
BB location : -6.4 mm from the axle line (both wheel size)
BB heigth : 26's: 12,7/8''(327mm) , 24's: 12, 1/8''(307.9mm)
Chainstay length : 15'' (381 mm) on 26's , 14.173' '(360 mm) on 24's
Wheel base : 973 mm (small 24''), 1001 mm(small 26''), 994 mm(large 24''), 1022 mm(large 26'')
Standover heigth : 24'' on 26's , 23''on 24's (top tube and seat tube jonction)
Warrenty : 1 year for manufacturing defect and regular riding failure.
Crash replacement : 3 years of crash replacement deals if for some reason your are struck by bad luck and your problems are not covered by our warrenty


turbo2therescue said...

these come with mounts for disc brakes right? otherwise im totally stoked to get one. how much does the frame go for?

Michael Moon said...
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Michael Moon said...

110mm BMX hubs don't come with ISO disk brake mount, it's v-brake or brakeless. so try the Pinscher.