March 12, 2009

Wowie Zowie!

Wowie Zowie is the code, the password, the thing to say if you want a free kick ass poster!

That's right! As I write these lines, we're getting ready to go party at the Toronto Bike Show. And we wont be going empty handed... oh no!
We have some sweet posters for sale. Not your average plain, thin, boring posters either. I'm talking bright, detailed, high-quality, Nice-enough-to-hang-in-your-mother's-living-room type of posters.
And that's not all! Every day we're going to give away special autographed posters to the first 10 people who walk up to our booth and scream-out the special password, (which is wowie zowie).
That's right, we're rock stars.

Oh, I'm seeing it right now, you're sad because you're not anywhere near Toronto? Don't fret! In honor of the Bike Show, we're offering a free upgrade to a custom colour on all new frame orders. You're dreaming of a fancy color for your new frame? Free! And the deal is worldwide! (if you live on the moon, you're screwed, sorry).

You want a sweet deal on a tchok'r fork? or a pinscher? we have that!
We have four frames with minor paint defects on clearout. They'll be going from 350$ to 450$, they're structurally perfect, they're simply not esthetically perfect enough for us to ship 'em to our dealers. We don't want to have to bring these frames back with us!
As for the forks, come and see us to work a deal! we'll have a couple in stock in multiple colors.

Bars Bars Bars Bars! They don't have stickers yet, or a name for that matter. But they have paint and they are sexy!
We're bringing a limited selection of our dober-bars to the show and the price will be right!
So if you want a sweet deal and be one of the first to grab a dober-bar, now is your chance!

It will also be the first time the Everywhere movie will be on the market.
Vincent Alard is not only a pornstar and a cake-farting womanizer, he makes mighty fine bike movies too!
He'll be chilling at our booth with a couple of cool rider-dudes, cake-farting and causing mischief, trying to promote his movie, which is the best street/DJ movie in the world (once again moon, you're screwed!)

So! From march 13th to the 15th, Toronto is the dober-capital of the world. Come and say hi! You'll find us near the Cycle-Solutions booth.



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Dobermann Bikes said...

Actually, its next to the Core booth and the BMX competition.