March 06, 2009

Parternal attitude?

You all know the dober-shop is cruising at a ridiculously fast pace right now. Pinschers and molosses are being shipped out at mach speed, new dealers and distributors worldwide are catching the bug and climbing on board the Dober-train. And we don't just have bars to make you drool over, wait 'till you see what's coming, It'll ''wow you and zow you''.

But amongst this flurry of success there is uncertainty in the faces of our friends, family and customers; Questions are being asked: What is wrong with Gabo?
Why does he sneak out of the shop once every few weeks? and when he sneaks back in, why does he have this ridiculous grin on his face? And why doesn't Alain crack the whip?
Why does he insist you eat all of your vegetables? Buckle your seat belt? Stop picking your nose? Why is he so paternal? He wasn't like this before!
And what is this obsession he has with all the pictures of baby-shaped grayish blobs that decorate his workspace?
Did he really need to move in that large, spiffy new apartment?
Why does he maniacally caress his lovely girlfriend Julie's belly? what does he hide in there? What could explain Julie's radiant glow?

Well I just had to come and answer your questions.
The only thing that can turn a man into this fluffy, emotional, happy mess that I am becoming is the miracle of creating life.
That's right! In mid-July, Julie and I will be giving birth to a baby-girl named ''Laure-Anne''.

That's her at 19 weeks:

You can clearly see she has her mother's stunning good looks and her father's... hair.

So far it's one hell of a ride and she's still all cozy in da belly! Just wait 'til she pops out! It's gonna be one crazy summer!
She'll be too young to go to all the events this year but next year the family will be cruising the stroller, immersing her in this bike culture that I love. (even though that if she chooses to be a international chess champion I'll support her 110% and cry every times she wins! ButI secretly wish she becomes the next DH champion)

I'll Finnish this weird post by thanking everybody that is helping us with our pregnancy. Julie and I have the best friends and families we could ask for. (I'm not kidding, they'll do anything from buying us a brand new microwave oven to folding my clean underwear!)

But most importantly, I have to thank the bearer of this miracle, the matrix, the manufacture, the sexiest woman alive. I have to thank her for doing all that she does, whether that be putting up with me or being kept awake by the kicks of our yet-unborn child.

Julie, ch't'eumme!


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dobermanntrials said...

Congrats Gabo man. I expect to see this kid rockin the most tricked out custom Dobermann big wheel ever built.

Mark Clench