May 27, 2009


Everywhere is one of the best MTB dirt, park and street videos that came out lately. Without any out-of-this-world budget, Vincent Allard succefully realised a great biking video. Getting us to places as far as Russia, France, England, Canada and the USA, Vincent skillfully mixed great footage focusing on riders like Andrew Bigelow, Clinton Mcmahon, Toffee Dan, Jeremy Menduni, Joe Karam, Kent Woods, Logan Peat, Michel Plonka, Rocco Quittiliani, Tommy Lajoie, Adam Hauck, Xavier Cloutier, Stephane Karle & many more. The movie is available in the UK via Dynamic style , in France via Bike For life import and on ride this in North America. If you have any other questions about the movie, send an email to:

You can check out all the previews on

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