May 28, 2009

News from Clinton

So a few weeks ago rocco mike and I went to richmond VA for a contest put on by jeff lanoski called speed and style. We showed up a few days before the event to chill,ride the course and enjoy the southern weather. As we road up to the course to investigate what speed and style is all about we found Ebbett and Lanoski building the ramps, building with style but not with speed. Before we could offer our help jeff gave us the old "ill buy you dinner and beer if you help us get this place together" I said "ya I was going to any way but ill take free dinner and beer". It worked out good!
Thursday night ended with a trip to Lowes buying large stacks of wood on someone else's budget,free dinner and back to the hotel after the long day of travel.
Friday morning started at the 24hour cafe\bar. We got egg sandwiches and some local dude ordered a beer.

After food we headed to the event to work our asses off riding and building for the rest of the day. The ramps got built and shredded till dark with lots of spectators,live music and news crews covering the event. Ending the night with another free dinner on jeff.
Saturday morning started with the standard 24hour cafe and practice for the contest. I was pumped up and ready to shred after landing all my bigger tricks the day prior to the contest. But before the start I bailed on a 360 and got my first sprained ankle. I never got a sprain before so this was new to me. Not knowing if it was sprained or fractured my options were to go on a stretcher with a crazy unnecessary neck brace across a bridge in front of like 5000 people into an ambulance to drive me like five blocks to the hospital or ride my bike. Rocco and mike had to stick around and place 3rd and 4th while I road to the hospital and ended up missing a bunch of sic stuff.

I may not have won the bike event but a pic of me did win the photo contest! (The one on top) And my dude nurse saw clips of rocco mike and I on a event commercial during family guy!
Over all a good time!

On my way out to finish building bikes,pick up vince and go film sweet riding for you viewing pleasure!
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